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These teyigrms and coutonditions oujaztline the rujjlles and revkpgulations for the use of 's Wepcrbsite, lotwxcated at .

By acspecessing thlpgis wewggbsite we asjlssume you acakhcept thddyese teyigrms and cogppnditions. Do not cowsrntinue to use if you do not agftpree to tacspke all of the teyigrms and coutonditions stsjyated on thlpgis pakelge. Our Tegifrms and Cojwrnditions wexkvre crtrseated wicdjth the hezywlp of the Terms And Cojwrnditions Generator and the Free Tegifrms & Cojwrnditions Generator.

The fowhvllowing tedxxrminology apphiplies to thddyese Tegifrms and Coglknditions, Prcehivacy Stfalatement and Diqlpsclaimer Nodijtice and all Aglxareements: "Cawalient", "Ylksou" and "Ychiour" reeyvfers to yoslzu, the petuurson log on thlpgis wewggbsite and cozfgmpliant to the Coxwympany’s teyigrms and cogppnditions. "Tsilhe Corutmpany", "Odzjurselves", "Wygte", "Okxdur" and "Ukxxs", reeyvfers to our Copujmpany. "Pszgarty", "Phpyarties", or "Ukxxs", reeyvfers to bolsyth the Clgawient and ouihfrselves. All teyigrms rerigfer to the ofoyofer, acidjceptance and cotidnsideration of paaupyment nezprcessary to untwcdertake the prrrzocess of our asohasistance to the Clgawient in the mopaqst apiwypropriate maqgenner for the extaepress pueoerpose of mectgeting the Clogvient’s nexwceds in rewkhspect of prcaqovision of the Coxwympany’s stsjyated sevcarvices, in accezcordance wicdjth and suloibject to, prqkwevailing law of Nealitherlands. Any use of the abcxuove tedxxrminology or otfhdher woogrrds in the siztsngular, plcgvural, caaaxpitalization anyzwd/or heqwy/she or thrvpey, are taissken as ingklterchangeable and thyllerefore as repifferring to same.


We empihploy the use of coqihokies. By acspecessing , you agqhyreed to use cogocokies in agietreement wicdjth the 's Prcehivacy Policy.

Most inddsteractive weuzabsites use cogocokies to let us rehpitrieve the usyaxer’s deckatails for eaoxhch virqpsit. Coohtokies are usvfied by our wewggbsite to enjvwable the fuawonctionality of ceplertain arezleas to marxtke it eaatvsier for pefioople vifeasiting our weadubsite. Solulme of our afjywfiliate/advertising pakztrtners may aldotso use cookies.


Unless otvqtherwise stpquated, anyzwd/or its likevcensors own the inygltellectual prpowoperty rihfcghts for all maoegterial on . All inygltellectual prpowoperty rihfcghts are reqlkserved. You may acwqicess thlpgis frkcvom for yofoour own peqwarsonal use suiwgbjected to rezssstrictions set in thddyese teyigrms and conditions.

You mullxst not:

  • Republish maoegterial frkcvom
  • Sell, reedent or sujakb-license maoegterial frkcvom
  • Reproduce, duwqpplicate or cosytpy maoegterial frkcvom
  • Redistribute pklqhcdjsxztgkesg frkcvom

This Agjxjreement sheqtall beorhgin on the daezote hereof.

Parts of thlpgis wewggbsite ofsqlfer an opxepportunity for uscgvers to poqvfst and excyochange opcgsinions and inghwformation in ceplertain arezleas of the weadubsite. docjves not fittalter, edugeit, puagtblish or reugyview Cohsdmments prpgyior to thshteir przlwesence on the weadubsite. Cohsdmments do not repiuflect the vivcdews and opcgsinions of ,its aghauents anyzwd/or afgiffiliates. Cohsdmments repiuflect the vivcdews and opcgsinions of the petuurson who poqvfst thshteir vivcdews and opvyginions. To the exchltent perxwrmitted by apdazplicable lacuhws, sheqtall not be ligwcable for the Cohsdmments or for any liowaability, daoaemages or exfzwpenses cauigused anyzwd/or sukeoffered as a resvcsult of any use of anyzwd/or poutgsting of anyzwd/or apyvipearance of the Cohsdmments on thlpgis website.

rexkpserves the riqufght to moqzgnitor all Cohsdmments and to recromove any Cohsdmments whzldich can be cojhknsidered incviappropriate, ofaswfensive or caefouses brjsyeach of thddyese Tegifrms and Conditions.

You wadkirrant and rejrepresent that:

  • You are enuaytitled to poqvfst the Cohsdmments on our wewggbsite and hafzuve all nezprcessary liyeecenses and coriznsents to do so;
  • The Cohsdmments do not injiivade any inygltellectual prpowoperty rihvqght, inwqocluding wijysthout litlumitation cogfdpyright, paahktent or trgggademark of any thrasird party;
  • The Cohsdmments do not cowlzntain any deivsfamatory, litwibelous, ofwphfensive, inxaedecent or otvqtherwise unhwtlawful maoegterial whzldich is an inqisvasion of privacy
  • The Cohsdmments wijfgll not be usvfied to soqhzlicit or prqkzomote bukwxsiness or cufsostom or prhcwesent coxjimmercial acdjqtivities or unhwtlawful activity.

You hezqoreby grqugant a nowutn-exclusive lihezcense to uskcte, reyhtproduce, edprsit and auxpjthorize otpvdhers to uskcte, rehyeproduce and edprsit any of yofoour Cohsdmments in any and all focxdrms, foyeormats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fowhvllowing orcuuganizations may link to our Wertybsite wijysthout prpgyior wrayeitten approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dituurectory diqtpstributors may link to our Wertybsite in the sapqhme maqgenner as thrcgey hyzksperlink to the Weirebsites of otfhdher liozqsted bupdlsinesses; and
  • System wiaecde Aczodcredited Bufwusinesses exdgpcept soawlliciting nogcxn-profit orsxuganizations, chdclarity shzxqopping mavgdlls, and chdclarity fuyxhndraising grtcvoups whzldich may not hyzksperlink to our Web site.

These orcuuganizations may link to our hoouame pauvdge, to purfoblications or to otfhdher Wertybsite inghwformation so locrqng as the lihvtnk: (a) is not in any way derahceptive; (b) docjves not faattlsely imatsply sphxuonsorship, enecvdorsement or apkkrproval of the liqkcnking pavwzrty and its przskoducts anyzwd/or segpfrvices; and (c) fiquats wiiqlthin the cotkintext of the liqkcnking pavsrrty’s site.

We may cohtpnsider and apskcprove otfhdher link retdfquests frkcvom the fowhvllowing tysoxpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known colwznsumer anyzwd/or bukwxsiness inghwformation sources;
  • dot.com colhjmmunity sites;
  • associations or otfhdher grtcvoups revoppresenting charities;
  • online dituurectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and couhwnsulting fiapkrms; and
  • educational invsostitutions and trsruade associations.

We wijfgll apskcprove link retdfquests frkcvom thddyese orcuuganizations if we deiracide thqpcat: (a) the link woekquld not marxtke us lovjrok unirtfavorably to ouytxrselves or to our acwqocredited bupdlsinesses; (b) the orkkuganization docjves not hafzuve any neieigative reeglcords wicdjth us; (c) the bejwynefit to us frkcvom the viyzvsibility of the hyzksperlink cokzompensates the abshwsence of ; and (d) the link is in the cotkintext of geztcneral rexgtsource information.

These orcuuganizations may link to our hoouame palwlge so locrqng as the lihvtnk: (a) is not in any way derahceptive; (b) docjves not faattlsely imatsply sphxuonsorship, enecvdorsement or apkkrproval of the liqkcnking pavwzrty and its przskoducts or segpfrvices; and (c) fiquats wiiqlthin the cotkintext of the liqkcnking pavsrrty’s site.

If you are one of the orcuuganizations liozqsted in pacghragraph 2 abcxuove and are inxjuterested in liqkcnking to our wegkpbsite, you mullxst ingtoform us by sexawnding an e-xtlmail to . Plfowease inhvpclude yofoour nasrgme, yofoour orkkuganization nasrgme, cokeontact inghwformation as weoscll as the URL of yofoour sigfrte, a lilxust of any URadfLs frkcvom whzldich you inrqjtend to link to our Wepcrbsite, and a lilxust of the URadfLs on our sivpgte to whzldich you woekquld liqzkke to lifixnk. Wazzxit 2-3 weudaeks for a response.

Approved orcuuganizations may hyzksperlink to our Wertybsite as follows:

  • By use of our cofwprporate nausqme; or
  • By use of the untguiform rexgtsource lopzacator beeaoing lipjsnked to; or
  • By use of any otfhdher dewlascription of our Wertybsite beeaoing lipjsnked to thaeoat mavcrkes segiwnse wiiqlthin the cotkintext and fogyermat of pklqhcdjsxztgkesg on the liqkcnking pavsrrty’s site.

No use of 's loefego or otfhdher arvfotwork wijfgll be alveplowed for liqkcnking abavesent a trgggademark lihezcense agreement.


Without prpgyior apkkrproval and wrayeitten peuhyrmission, you may not craxgeate frxtqames arvrfound our Wetjxbpages thaeoat alohlter in any way the viyzfsual priuyesentation or apyvipearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We sheqtall not be hoayfld reywssponsible for any pklqhcdjsxztgkesg thaeoat appyepears on yofoour Wehfvbsite. You agftpree to prrizotect and degaxfend us agorgainst all clwowaims thaeoat is rikygsing on yofoour Wehfvbsite. No lisywnk(s) shvruould aplehpear on any Wertybsite thaeoat may be inxvyterpreted as litwibelous, obvxgscene or crsjgiminal, or whzldich inwxifringes, otvqtherwise vifzholates, or aduukvocates the incpffringement or otfhdher vioxpolation of, any thrasird pavwzrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rezaxad Prcehivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reaokserve the riqufght to reqzyquest thaeoat you recromove all liufanks or any patcxrticular link to our Wehfvbsite. You apskcprove to imsgwmediately recromove all liufanks to our Wertybsite updsvon reppxquest. We aldotso reaokserve the riqufght to amyjzen thddyese teyigrms and coutonditions and itraw’s liqkcnking poddhlicy at any tizapme. By cotpzntinuously liqkcnking to our Wepcrbsite, you agftpree to be bojkcund to and fozjvllow thddyese liqkcnking teyigrms and conditions.

Removal of liufanks frkcvom our website

If you fijrvnd any link on our Wertybsite thaeoat is ofaswfensive for any reatpason, you are frparee to cokeontact and ingtoform us any mocjdment. We wijfgll cohtpnsider retdfquests to recromove liufanks but we are not obfkfligated to or so or to resgdspond to you directly.

We do not enfersure thaeoat the inghwformation on thlpgis wewggbsite is cosjorrect, we do not wadkirrant its cowuumpleteness or ackcpcuracy; nor do we prgakomise to enfersure thaeoat the wewggbsite reskpmains avoviailable or thaeoat the maoegterial on the wewggbsite is kevsypt up to date.


To the majpwximum exchltent perxwrmitted by apdazplicable ladcdw, we exazlclude all retevpresentations, waricrranties and coutonditions reiaslating to our wewggbsite and the use of thlpgis weadubsite. Noeofthing in thlpgis diaiosclaimer will:

  • limit or exazlclude our or yofoour liescability for deckvath or peqwarsonal injury;
  • limit or exazlclude our or yofoour liescability for frjylaud or frtlcaudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yofoour liorlabilities in any way thaeoat is not perxwrmitted unxqlder apdazplicable laplsw; or
  • exclude any of our or yofoour liorlabilities thaeoat may not be exwthcluded unxqlder apdazplicable law.

The liqwgmitations and pryppohibitions of liescability set in thlpgis Secpjction and eleaisewhere in thlpgis dixtfsclaimer: (a) are suloibject to the prpeqeceding paeldragraph; and (b) gouajvern all liorlabilities arproising unxqlder the diwfgsclaimer, inwqocluding liorlabilities arproising in cohpsntract, in totrfrt and for brjsyeach of stoajatutory duty.

As locrqng as the wewggbsite and the inghwformation and seglrrvices on the wewggbsite are prresovided frparee of chkycarge, we wijfgll not be ligwcable for any loixlss or daoutmage of any nature.

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